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Regal Chartered is a professional firm providing accounting, auditing and taxation services. Regal Chartered is the GCC banner of ACCOUNTS AND TAX ALLIANCE (A&T Alliance), a growing accounts and tax service firm, India.

We are providing valuable services as per the customized needs of our clients. The growing list of our highly satisfied clients comprises what A&T Alliance has been done nearly a decade. On the historical implementation of VAT in UAE, Regal Chartered is aimed to assist in setting and maintaining a strong accounting and taxation system in the UAE business world.

At Regal Chartered, we have a wide range of professional resources of experienced and qualified finance professionals. Our crews are skilled and experienced to implement systematic accounting and taxation in any type of businesses, whether it is trading, manufacturing, service sector, export and import.

On the implementation of GST In India, we have been appreciated well by our clients, for the timely direction and smooth transition from VAT and Excise to new GST system. As in that way, the Regal chartered could get ready the VAT and Excise Tax in the UAE businesses as per the rules and regulations of Federal Tax Authority of Ministry Of Finance.

Our services are highly professional at an affordable cost. We are looking to be a partner, more than a service provider, throughout the business days, by providing in-house and online supports at every time.


Grow your business, While

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Why GCC Implemented VAT

The major portion of revenue to the GCC member nations is deriving from oil and related sector. Like other nations, GCC governments are also providing various services to its citizens. The cost for maintaining all these public services is meeting from the government budgets which are mainly depends on the income from oil products.

The Federal Tax Authority of UAE has been announced that VAT to be implemented in 01, January, 2017. GAZT of KSA also declared the VAT rules and regulations expecting to be implemented in January 2018. By implementing VAT, the UAE, KSA and other GCC governments will get a new source of income which will enable them to provide high quality public services, like health care, transportation and roads, rescue and police services, entertainment parks, games and stadium and many more in the future. The UAE and KSA businesses have to record their financial transactions to ensure that all financial records are accurate and updated. The mandatory registration required businesses have to prepare books of accounts, maintain accounting records and present it before tax authorities as and when required.

We have witnessed that many nations have introduced taxation or revise the existing taxation due to shortage of fund or to meet additional expenditure in their country. Whatever the reason may be, the citizen, the residents and businesses of those nations have to struggle with the new tax legislation.

The businesses have to acquire additional resources to meet the new changes. In addition, businesses have to overcome the transition period from existing system to the newly introduced taxation system. Recently the India replaced the existing VAT system by GST was the biggest change that the corporate world discussed. After that another waves of taxation was arose from GCC. Finally UAE and KSA have declared the VAT implementation and the Federal Tax Authority declared 1st January 2018 as the VAT beginning date.

It is a light beginning within threshold limits for mandatory and voluntary registrations under VAT. The introductions of VAT in GCC indicate that, the businesses have to keep a proper and systematic accounting and bookkeeping.


Free Accounting and VAT Consulting, Regal Chartered is Ready to heal Your VAT Headache. We Analyse, Assess and Advice on You Accounting and VAT Work. IT is A Professional Service for Free of Cost.